Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Princess and a Virgin

As I've mentioned previously, Jecilyn loves all things princess--especially Cinderella. She is a little chatter box in the car. The other day, she told me that Cinderella HAD TO marry the Prince because she was going to have a baby.

"OH! NO! NO! NO!" I told her! "That is NOT how it works. Cinderella married the Prince because she loved him and her lived her." I went on to explain that FIRST you get married....and THEN you can have a baby. I told her that that's just the way it is. You have to be married first...

My darling little daughter thought that one over for a moment or two...and then she said,
But Mommy, Mary wasn't married when she had baby Jesus

...Now, what, exactly, was I supposed to say to that? It took me so off guard that I couldn't come up with a better response than
...Hmmm....Well, uh...maybe you need to ask Ms. Mary (her teacher), Ms. Dottie (the director of her preschool and the pastor's wife), or Ms. Ruth (her former teacher and current Sunday School teacher).

She seemed to be okay with that answer. Whew! Another parenting emergency diverted! I'm SO dreading the "Where Do Babies Come From?"Speech. And, at the rate she's going, that's likely to be before Kindergarten. I do ask her every once in a while how babies get in their mommy's bellies. She tells me that God puts them there. That's a good answer. And, she tells me that the way they get out of their mommy's bellies is....

The mommy goes to the doctor. And the lullaby comes on. And, then the baby comes out

Now, that would be PERFECT! Would it not?!?! She got that idea from being in our hospital. They play Brahm's Lullaby whenever a baby is born.