Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh Big Airplane!

I was leaving work the other day and I heard this song on the radio. I was sure I that I was out of my mind...and that I couldn't possibly be hearing it correctly--someone was actually singing about Delaware and Dover and C-5s on the radio?!?! Well, I am out of my mind...but someone WAS singing about Delaware and Dover and C-5s. The artist's name is John Flynn. He apparently wrote this song in response to the US policy of not letting the caskets of fallen American soldiers be photographed as they returned home. That policy has been changed. And, I'm not sure whether or not I agree with it...I think that should be up to the families of the individual fallen sodiers to to decide. I don't want to go into politics or opinions about the war. I just wanted to share a great song. Hope you enjoy!

For more information on the Big Airplane C-5, click here

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wheat Free Wednesday

Wow...It's been forever....So much for my New Year's Resolution to do a better job of blogging....But, where to go but up from this point.

I made this YUMMY dinner a few months back...but I didn't write down the recipe...BUMMER! I tried to replicate it--and this time...I wrote it down...mostly. I'm sure that REAL CHEFs don't scribble with chalk on chalkboards (because that's all they can find to write on in the midst of their creative burst!, but--whatever works.

I took Treavor to his allergist a few weeks ago...and the consensus...He's fat. Woo Hoo! I'm so very proud of myself! The doctor was impressed! He told me I'm a great mom....and that he'd like to send all the other parents to me. I'm not quite sure how I mananaged to get out the door that day...You know, with my head being swelled up and all. I imagine a looked a little like Stewie from The Family Guy.

It was great...but I did not take all of the credit....I did own up to the fact that I had help from my amazing cookbook Sophie Safe Cooking by Emily Hendrix (To see the website, click here. The doctor asked me to take a picture of Treavor and hang it in his office with the front cover of the book. I did better than that...I contacted the author and she sent me some brochures....So cool!

Anyway....I'm no Emily Hendrix...but here's my attempt at a recipe. I had Aunt Net and Uncle Bobby over for dinner...and Uncle Bobby--a very tough critic--said it was good!!!!! If you try it, let me know!!! And, if you make it better (Emily!), please let me know!!!

Coconut Chicken:

6 Boneless Skinless Breasts (Pounded w/ Meat Tenderizer)

About: 3 T flour (I used the gluten free all purpose mix from Whole Foods), 1 c sweetened coconut flakes, 2 c crushed corn flakes, and a few shakes of chili powder mixed together in a ziploc bag

One can of coconut milk

Dip chicken in coconut milk (may need to heat milk first if it is solid!)
Place in bag and shake
Put on cookie sheet
Drizzle with coconut milk, oil or butter
bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

Glaze for chicken:

2 red bell peppeers (finely chopped--I used food processor!)
3/4 t crushed red peppers
3/4 t chili powder
1 clove garlic (minced--or chopped w/ pepper!)
2T sugar
3/4 t fresh ginger
"Shake" cumin

Mix all together and heat. Serve over rice!

The sauce may be a little spicy--but Jeff liked it that way. I think it had a bit too much you might want to adjust that a bit.....But it was good this way!