Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wheat Free Wednesday

Wow...Where does the time go!?!? I've been SO busy, I haven't had time to blog! I apologize. I will try to budget my time a little better.

I have been experimenting with new foods and recipes that are "Treavor Safe." I made this dish for Jeff...and he really liked did Treavor. When we were in Florida, I made a "Fiesta" for my dad, his girlfriend Paulette (WHO IS AN AMAZING COOK!), Chris, Rhonda and Jeff. They all loved it! That's always a plus!

This recipe was inspired by Emily Hendrix's Chicken Enchiladas recipe in her book Sophie Safe Cooking. You can link right to her website by clicking here.

I don't have a name for this...I'm trying to come up with something catchy....but my brain is fried....So, for now--it's just burritos. And, unlike Mrs. Hendrix, I am not a measure it out kinda cook. I just kinda throw it all together and hope for the best.....

One can spicy refried Beans (I used Amy's Organic!)
One can refried Black Beans (Again, I used Amy's Organic!)
One can corn--or frozen!
Chicken Breasts
Salsa (I used Newman's Own Medium--b/c it's gluten free!)
Corn Tortillas
Cooked white rice.

1.) Put a bit of oil in a pan and heat it. Add Chicken breasts and about a 1/4 cup of salsa. Cook chicken til done.
2.) Put chicken in food processor to chop up.
3.) Heat up the two cans of beans--in the same pot!
4.) Put the chicken, the corn and the rice in the pot with the beans.
5.) Heat oil in a small frying pan and fry corn tortillas until pliable.
6.) Fill corn tortillas with bean, rice, corn and chicken mixture.

Really simple! How do you know the right proportions? What ever looks good to you! Or, in my case...when the pot was full....I served with the Fiesta Corn Bread Recipe--and Margaritas! It was a big hit!

When I made this for my family--they added cheese and sour cream to theirs...

Try it!

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