Monday, May 19, 2008

It's almost that time of year....

Any day now, NASCAR fans will start rolling in to Dover, Delaware in anticipation of the upcoming race. This year, in a addition to the bazillion "Welcome Race Fans" signs, NASCAR fans will also be greeted by Miles the Monster. Miles is the newest--and coolest--addition to the Dover International Speedway. Miles has been built right at the end of our we've gotten to watch the whole process. It's been pretty interesting. We feel a special connection to Miles because Uncle Bobby helped to build the wall which supports him. He's a very large monster! Just look at his specifics (click on the photo to enlarge!)
Here are some photos that I took the other day. We were pretty far away--I'm guessing at least 100 feet...My camera is amazing!

For more information or to see lots of photos of Miles's construction, click here. There is still more cool stuff here.

P.S. My camera is amazing, but apparently animoto is not. The video above failed to include some of the best pics! So, here the are. Remember, I was far away when I took them! They were all taken from the same place!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Allergy Amen

I know that Food Allergy Awareness Week ended yesterday...but I thought this one was too funny not to share. And, hey, it is Sunday!

There actually are Gluten-Free Communion Wafers on the market. However, the Catholic Church does not allow them. They are allowed by Lutheran, Methodist, and Episcopal Churches. You can read more about that by clicking here.
It's a pretty interesting article! Have a great day!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I finally had my camera with me at one of Jecilyn's games. I was able to get a few shots! Here they are! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I digress....

I know I was aiming to do a post everyday about food allergies...but today I'm just too worn out. So, instead, I'll just share one of my cute Jecilyn stories. The other day Jecilyn and Treavor were playing with superballs. You know, the balls that bouncy really high. She had a ball and she bounced it. Treavor chased it and grabbed it. She snatched it away from him and shouted, "NO! This is berry expensive!" I snickered and said, "Do you even know what expensive means?" "Yes!" came the reply. "What? What does it mean?"...."It means Treavor can't play with it." Hard to argue with that....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wheat Free Wednesday

Wow! How'd it get to be Wednesday already? And why am I not prepared with a recipe? Oh, yeah, because I am never prepared for anything...I could share the pretty yummy recipe that my cousin Josie sent me...but, since I've not tried it yet...I'll hold off on that one. This one will be a simple one...something I whipped up yesterday. I made some Pasta Salad in about 8 minutes while I was trying to get dressed and out the door for work. I just stood and looked in my pantry and made it up as I went along...I hear it was well received by Treavor. However, Treavor is the antithesis of Mikey. He'll eat anything.

Anyway, I used Mrs. Leeper's Organic Just for Kids Rice Pasta. The pasta is in adorable animal shapes! I cooked the pasta a few minutes less than the package directed and immediately rinsed in cool water. Then, I added black olives, garbanza beans, peas and broccoli and tossed in some italian dressing (Mewman's Own Lite Italian Dressing). That's it! Simple, fast, fresh and Allergy Free!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Top Eight Food Allergens

Peanuts, Eggs, Treenuts, Wheat, Milk, Soy, Fish and Shellfish account for 90% of food allergies. People who do not live with food allergies often do not realize just how much those eight ingredients are present in everyday food. Nearly all processed foods contain soy. Many contain wheat, milk and eggs. Many foods "may contain peanuts." It's just crazy!

When Treavor was first diagnosed with four of the top eight (peanuts, wheat, eggs and milk) plus bananas, I had no idea just how many foods--and even non-food items-- contained these allergens. I was already a food label reader...but I usually just skimmed the label to look for things like artificial colors, artificial flavors, partially hydrogenated oils, and high frutcose corn syrup. But, now I needed to pay attention to every little word. And, I had to make sure that others paid attention as well.

I was surprised to find wheat in my daughter's play doh. I was even more surprised to find it in my shampoo and conditioner. One would think that Cheerios--which is referred to on the box as a Toasted Oat Cereal--would actually be oats. Nope. Wheat in there too. Soy sauce contains wheat. Tomato soup contains wheat. Twizzlers contain wheat. Most rice mixes (Rice-a-roni, etc) contain wheat. Some seasonings contain wheat...Once, my friend brought over rolls for a cookout. He said, "Look, I got Potato Rolls!" Nope, first ingredient still wheat...It's been a challenge...but one I feel good about. I'm pleased that I am learning and am able to help others learn even if it's just in a small way.

To that light, I'd like to share this little story. Jecilyn is pretty aware of Treavor's allergies. She looks out for her little brother and will tell others about his allergies. She once told my friend Diana that she wasn't supposed to have peanut butter in her kitchen because Treavor was allergic. (Seriously, is this kid four?) The other day Treavor, Jecilyn and I were all cuddled up on the couch watching TV. There was a commercial for Beneful Dog Food.
You can watch the commercial by clicking here. As we were watching, Treavor got all excited--probably because of the dog--and pointed at the TV. Jecilyn turned to him and said, "No, buddy, you can't have that. It has eggs and wheat." Now, how totally sweet is that!?!? She didn't get that it was a dog food...but she knew it had wheat and eggs!

While you grocery shop, or even while cooking this week, take a moment to read a few food labels. Notice just how prevalent those top eight are in our everyday foods! Have a great day!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Food Allergy Awareness Week

May 11-17th is Food Allergy Awareness Week. I am going to try to post some information everyday this week. This is a subject about which I knew very little just one short year ago. I've come a long way in just eleven months! And, I feel it's important that others are made aware of the dangers of food allergies. So, I'm trying to do my part!

This is just a quick Public Service Announcement!