Friday, August 24, 2007

Fun Food Friday

I've been having problems with my internet all week. My friend Jason--The Cable Guy--has been on Guard duty for the last few weeks, so he couldn't fix it. I had to cheat on him. I called Comcast to come and fix my cable internet. When I called, I told them, "Jason said I need a new modem." They sent a service guy out with a new modem...but it still took nearly two hours for him to get it straight. About three minutes to change the modem and an hour and a half on hold waiting for Comcast so he could complete the set up. So much for technology....

Anyway, here's a funny little creation I made Jecilyn for breakfast. It was just something I threw together quickly. She loved it!

Yesterday, I ordered an allergy-free cookbook. I thought maybe I could feature some of the recipes in Fun Food Friday. But, maybe I'll add "Wheat Free Wednesday" It's very difficult to feed my little guy. It's hard to find things...and with my crazy schedule, I don't really have time to make EVERYTHING from scratch. Heck, I don't even have time to go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients....Hopefully, when Jeff gets back, I'll have a little more time. Jeff likes to cook. So, maybe we will start knocking out some great new recipes. I'm looking forward to getting the cookbook. I'm getting tired of eating salad and chicken every day. One would thinkg that I'd start to loose weight...but I haven't.....UGH!

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