Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Taking a little break....

I've been taking a little break from blogging because I've started a major remodel of my house. What the hell was I thinking? I barely have time to sit down on a regular basis...and fool that I am, I decide to remodel. That's just STUPID....But, I've started, so now I am committed...or should be committed somewhere!

Thus far, I've ripped up the carpet in my upstairs hallway (with Dani's help--Thanks!) and steps. Nettie ripped up the carpet in Treavor's room while I was at work (Thank you!). Then I had the wood floors underneath refinished. They are gorgeous!

I used Newman's Floors. They did a great job. But, I kinda got stuck in a holiday weekend. That sucked. They started on the Thursday before Labor Day. They sanded on Thursday and Friday. They told me NOT to walk on the floor. So, I had to stay off until they returned on Tuesday. Then, they sealed it Tuesday and Wednesday. Not only could I not walk on the floor...I couldn't stay in the house. The fumes were REALLY bad. So, I packed up the kids and the dog and went to Frederica to stay with our other family. (Thanks!)

We are back at home now...but everything is still covered in dust. I haven't had time to take care of the dust because I have been so busy trying to remove the wallpaper in the kitchen. I was attempting to get it painted before Monday when Paul from Paul Edwards Carpet comes to install my new floor. I have all but given up on that goal...The new goal is just to get the wallpaper down before Monday. I'll paint after the floor goes down and before my new countertop goes down. My friends Charles and Diana from Royal Ones are taking care of the countertops. I'm still trying to work at a deal with Charles--but he's being stubborn.

Then, I have to finish removing the wallpaper in the foyer and the upstairs hall. I'm going to try to get my friend Derek to paint the stairwell for me. But, I'm going to do most of the rest of the painting myself....Unless anyone wants to volunteer!!!

Jeff is tentatively scheduled to come home home on September 28th. In my insane brain, I think I'll have it all done by then. Hell, who needs to eat or sleep!?!?! And the best part...Jeff doesn't know I'm doing ANY of it. And, since he can't access the blog, he still won't know!

I'll post some photos soon!


Natalie said...

I am sure it will look great. Are you going to do anything to the "DO NOT TOUCH, PUKE, or WALK ON ROOM?"

Natalie said...

TAG, you're it!

karen said...

how do you pronounce your kids names? i love the spellings.

Traci Lyn said...

My daughter's name is pronounced like Jocelyn only with an "E." Sometimes people call her "Jessie Lyn" which is fine too. Her name has a lot of significance. We took the first two letter's of my husband's name (JEffery) and added it to the end of my name (TraCILYN) to come up with Jecilyn. I had friend in college whose maiden name was Jecelin. I always thought it was a pretty name. Her middle name is Michelle after another friend from college. And she has the same initials as her daddy- JMS.

Treavor--pronounced just like Trevor--'s name was a little more difficult. There is a hockey player named Trevor Lindon who used to play for the Washington Capitals. We joked at a game once that if we had a son, we'd name him that. My husband and I wanted a "T" name for a boy...and we wanted to do the whole combination thing again...but we just couldn't come up with anything. We added an "A" in Treavor to make it a bit more like Traci. And, we went with Lyndon because it's like Lyn.

Hmmm...Now that I've written all this...I'm thinking maybe I should actually do a post....

Maybe I'll use their names in the whole tagging thing!

karen said...

i'm totally obsessed w/ names- thanks for telling me about your kids. i thought treavor lyndon sounded familiar- it could be because i love hockey!
you should TOTALLY do a tagging post about names- i'd love to play.

Anonymous said...

As long as Jeffery has cold beer and the Patriots / Red Sox game, I am sure he will not mind the dust. And I am guessing he is used to dusty conditions. Your blog is awesome..keep up the good work...you should do a little piece on my fightin phillies..We are on our way to the playoffs...fingers crossed.
Love your lil,
bro cmc