Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm back!

So, the remodel is complete--mostly. Jeff returned home late Sunday night. He was very surprised by all the changes. Jecilyn tipped him off a little on the way home. She was rambling about the new floor in the kitchen. And, then when we got home, Patriot greeted him....and Jeff wanted to know what he had all over him. Dumb dog brushed up against one of the walls as I was painting. Even with all the clues, he was still on the third step before he realized that there wasn't a carpet there anymore. He was surprised by the downstairs hall, stairwell, upstairs hall and Treavor's room. Then, we went downstairs where he FINALLY noticed the kitchen. It was priceless. And, of course, my camera battery was dead....

I'll post pictures tomorrow!!!! But for now, here's one of what Paul Edwards found when he ripped up my bathroom floor. How gross is that. I guess my toilet had been leaking for years. The floor was completely rotted underneath. How gross! The second picture is what it looked like after he cleaned it up--and what it should have looked like when he ripped up the old floor!

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Natalie said...

Post photos of the remodeling!!! Hi to Jeff!!! Glad he is home safe and sound!!!