Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Better late than never!!!! Here are some photos from Jecilyn's Birthday Party which was held at Gold Medal Gymnastics in Smyrna. The girls had a great time. Jecilyn didn't want any boys at her party--she was adamant about that one...Which was tough for me since she has had some "boyfriends" since she was little. So, we just invited the little girls from her class. It was a small party. And, it was last minute. She really wanted to have a Princess Tea at home...but since Daddy wasn't home and the remodel wasn't complete, we couldn't do that. I told her we'd do that later, and she seemed to be OK with that. And, then a week before her birthday she freaked....WHERE ARE WE GOING TO HAVE MY BIRTHDAY!?!?! It was as if she wouldn't ACTUALLY be FOUR until she had a party. (Wow, I wish that worked for me!) Thankfully, Brenda at old Medal was able to work us in! And, of course, the day before her party, she decided that she wanted the boys to come too. Oh well...Too late.

Here's the pictures. Thanks to Hannah's mom for taking them!


Nettie said...

Good grief why did you go and ruin it with a picture with that old lady in it?

Traci Lyn said...

well...that old lady better watch out...cuz if she doesn't let me take some decent pictures of her, there will be lots of bad ones in about a week!!!!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday are getting so big!!!!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday from your far away Aunty in California....cant believe how you are growing! Cousin Gideon says hi and is about 15lbs now! Will call you pretty soon!
Love Aunty Barbie