Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Fairy and The Easter Bunny

Ok, yeah, I suck. It's been way way too long. It's been a crazy month. I started the major remodel of my "Game Room" and two days in, Jeff got deployed. Fun stuff. Gone, for 45 days. And, since the carpet was already set for installation, I couldn't push it back. Plus, I'd already torn apart the, I was stuck. Thankfully, I got by with a little (A LOT) help from my friends! Liam, Scott, Rob, Nett, Hank and Derek really came through! (And Steph and Mom Mom and Pop Pop to with their help with the kids.). Pictures will be posted as soon as I remember where the damn battery is to my camera.

I missed Jecilyn's birthday. She turned 4 on March 9th. We had a gymnastics birthday party. I'll try to post pictures from that tomorrow. Her friend Hannah's mom took them...cuz I couldn't find the damn charger for the camera.

So, anyway, here's a cute story from my four year old. It's been a struggle to get her to sleep in her bed all night. So, I've been bribing her with m&m's. A few times, I've snuck into her room and put them in her hands ('cause, you know, they melt in your mouth, not in your hands!). One morning, we had the following discussion:

Me: Was there anything in your bed when you woke up?

Her: Yes. There were m&m's. You put them there.

Me: No. I didn't it wasn't me. It must have been the "Bed Fairy."

Her: No. It was you mommy, I heard your steps.

Me: What? How do you know that it was my steps? Maybe it was the Bed Fairy's steps.

Her: (Rolling her eyes and looking at me as if I am clearly the dumbest fool on the planet) Uh, mommy, Bed Fairies don't step. They fly. Duh.....

Oh, of course, what was I thinking. Silly mommy....

So, then, last week, I took her to an Easter Party. When the Easter Bunny (who's body and head had been riding around in my van unnoticed all day) made his appearance, most of the children were delighted. Some, were scared. My daughter takes one look at him and announces, "That's not the real Easter Bunny. I see socks."


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Jeseray Huntsman said...

Traci, Gotta love Jess!! She sure is a smart little girl!
Thanks for telling me about your blog! I love reading it, and think i may even start my own.