Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where Do Easter Eggs Come From?

So my brother calls me on his way to taking Stella Blu to get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. He asks, "Do Bunnies lay eggs?" My response..."Uh...Only Easter Bunnies." Apparently he and Rhonda had quite the discussion over this today. Chris concluded that since mammals don't lay eggs...and rabbits are mammals...and bunnies are rabbits...then bunnies mustn't lay eggs. Nice logic, Chris!!!!

Anyway, the discussion went from there to "Thank you Easter Bunny, Bawk Bawk!" We both remember the commercial...but I thought it was foir Cadbury Eggs. Nope....That one went like this!

Hmmm....Maybe this is why Chris got confused...The "Thank you Easter Bunny" Commercial was for another product...It's funny that we remember the tagline but not the product....Do you remember the commercial? The product? Here it is. Fitting that it's one of Jecilyn's favorites!!!

As you can see from the photo at the start of the post, Stella's first encounter with the Easter Bunny did not seem to thrill her. Hey, at least she wasn't crying! But, here's a much better picture...where she's happy! Ain't she sweet!?!?!

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barb said...

She is a beautiful baby!
Love Aunty barbie