Monday, May 19, 2008

It's almost that time of year....

Any day now, NASCAR fans will start rolling in to Dover, Delaware in anticipation of the upcoming race. This year, in a addition to the bazillion "Welcome Race Fans" signs, NASCAR fans will also be greeted by Miles the Monster. Miles is the newest--and coolest--addition to the Dover International Speedway. Miles has been built right at the end of our we've gotten to watch the whole process. It's been pretty interesting. We feel a special connection to Miles because Uncle Bobby helped to build the wall which supports him. He's a very large monster! Just look at his specifics (click on the photo to enlarge!)
Here are some photos that I took the other day. We were pretty far away--I'm guessing at least 100 feet...My camera is amazing!

For more information or to see lots of photos of Miles's construction, click here. There is still more cool stuff here.

P.S. My camera is amazing, but apparently animoto is not. The video above failed to include some of the best pics! So, here the are. Remember, I was far away when I took them! They were all taken from the same place!

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