Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fun Food Friday!

I thought it would be fun to share some of the crazy creations that I make for my daughter. I am pretty anal about the stuff that I let her have. She doesn't get much junk food at all. We eat a lot of organic food and we try to avoid anything with "high fructcose corn syrup" and "partially hydrogenated oils". I try to entice her to eat the stuff that I make by making it fun and interesting. I've spent a good bit of time searching for ideas online, but I've not had much luck. So, I'll share my ideas in hopes of helping other moms. I welcome any suggestions! I'll try to make this a weekly feature....assuming that I have the time and the energy! Enjoy!I called this one "Flying Fish!" It started with a whole Kosher Dill Pickle. The eyes are black olives stuffed with cream cheese and secured with a toothpick. The nose and the "humps" on the back are grape tomatoes that have been halved and secured with cream cheese. I wrapped it in a piece of bologna and secured it with a toothpick and olives on the end. I'm not sure why I called it a flying fish. But, Jecilyn enjoyed it! She thought it was pretty funny! Hope it made you smile too!

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Annette said...

That looks awesome! I should really do something like that for my two. They both are such picky eaters. You blog looks great so far! Your two are adorable by the way.
Annette (Natalie's sister)