Thursday, May 24, 2007

Off He Goes Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Jeff left for Al Udeid Air Base in Quatar today. Although we live in Dover, Delaware, Jeff is stationed at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. McGuire is adjacent to Fort Dix. Fort Dix has been in the headlines quite frequently since the FBI thwarted a terrorist attack on the base. That was pretty scary. Thankfully, the FBI was on top of things!

Jeff's flight is leaving in about an hour from the Naval Base in Norfolk. His flight will be about 15 hours. He needed to be there six hours prior to his scheduled departure. Most of the people travelling with him left on a bus from McGuire very early this morning. Jeff and his boss--who also lives in Dover, did not want to make a two hour drive North to turn around an get on a bus for a six hour drive. Gee, I cannot imagine why!?!? So, they rented a car and drove there together. They are joined by another troop that lives in Southern New Jersey. Here are some photos of their departure.

jecilynandtreavorsmom's Daddy Leaves for the Desert photosetjecilynandtreavorsmom's Daddy Leaves for the Desert photoset


Karen - HandsFreeBaby said...

Your blog is great so far!!!
I can show you how to do videos.

Lori Heinrich said...

Traci, Small world! I'm a friend of Karen's who saw the link to your blog on hers and followed it for kicks. Our hubbies are on the same flight to their deployments!!! I have a friends whose husband from McGuire drove down too. I wouldn't recognize his photo, but any chance one of those guys is Kurt? I hope you have a great day and one with fewer tears than yesterday. We're one day closer to their return!

Traci Lyn said...

Lori...That's pretty crazy! Kurt is the guy all the way on the right. They left from his house. Rory mentioned she had a friend whose husband would be on the flight...I guess that's you. It's funny that world can seem so big and so small at the same time.

Should you need anything while he's gone, let me know!