Friday, May 25, 2007

Trip to the library....

I took the children to the Dover Public Library for Toddler Time. It's such a great time! Miss Jackie does a great job of entertaining the kids. They start off with a song. Miss Jackie plays the guitar and sings. She always has a theme. She combs the card catalog for a plethora of books which pertain to that theme and displays them. She always chooses a few to read to the kids. The best part is the activity at the end that ties it all together. A few weeks ago, there was a whole baseball theme. There were two baseball players from a local high school that came and spoke about their equipment. Then, they gave out cracker jacks! How fun!

Today she did a "lesson" if you will on ducks. The kids sang songs about ducks, and read a few books. During all of this singing and reading, there was a little pool in the middle of the room. It was filled with water and a few big rocks. The children sat surrounding the pool--but did not touch it. Amazingly, even my own DID NOT touch it. After the stories were over, Miss Jackie opened a box to reveal eight tiny little ducklings. It was so cute to watch them splash around in the pool while the children laughed and giggled around them. I'm new to this whole blog thing...Jeffrey and Natalie would have had their cameras ready, but alas, I did not.....Oh well, maybe next time....For now, this borrowed one will have to do.

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