Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

We set off to First Night Dover to ring in 2008...but we didn't quite make it. The kids tuckered out at about 10:30. But, it was still lots of fun! First Night Dover is an alcohol free celebration. Many downtown businesses and churches open their doors to host various entertainers. It's a great time...and the entertainment is always top notch. I always find it particularly amusing that several banks are used as venues. It just seems strange to me to have a bunch of people packed into a bank listening to a band!

This was our first First Night since we've had children. Jeff and I had gone a few times over the years pre-kids, but it's been a long time for us. We were both amazed and how much it seems to have grown since we've been to one. Although we didn't see a lot of the entertainment, we were very impressed with what we did see. Most notably was a guy names Dan Dunn who did a show called Paint Jam. It sounded pretty silly to me, but word on the street was that it was amazing. So, after watching Jessie & James' Nuts over Mutts, we stuck around for the "Paint Guy." This was mostly because it was warm and did not require walking.

Immediately upon taking the stage, this guy was entertaining. He was dressed all in black--and covered in paint sploshes. The lights lowered....and the music "jammed" He grabbed a few paint brushes and kinda just started throwing paint around in what appeared to be total randomness and chaos. We sat there just watching. Jeff leaned over at one point and asked, "What is it?" I shrugged my shoulders and said, "...I don't know...uh...a fish? A plane." Within maybe ten seconds of that exchange, the guy spun the canvas around. And there we were....Face to face with The King. Amazing...We were "All Shook Up." It was AMAZING!

So, here is a video of another painting this guy did. Be sure to watch the WHOLE thing...You can check out his website by clicking here Happy New Year!

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