Thursday, December 27, 2007

Treavor's First Haircut!

We got Treavor's Haircut a few weeks ago--December 15th. I finally convinced Jeff that it was time. It's funny, from what I understand, it's usually Dads that want their son's hair cut...and moms who want to wait. That did not happen here. I kept saying the boy needs a hair cut! Jeff kept telling me he didn't...but he finally caved. We took him...and now that we see the before pictures, he agrees! It needed a trim!

Treavor did great. We went to the Hair Cuttery in Dover. Paige cut his hair. She was really good with him. It took her about 45 minutes to cut his hair...and he went through about 5 Lollipops. Now, I'm not generally the type of mom that bribes with candy....but desperate times call for desperate measures.

We arrived at the store with camera in hand. However, when I turned it on, I realized the battery was nearly drained. So, I sent Jeff home to grab the charger. I stayed in the store with the kids. Note to self: Hair salon on a busy Saturday afternoon is not a good place to be left alone with children. They began throwing products off the shelves. Jecilyn wasn't so bad. She just wanted to play with the "Nake up." Treavor was throwing bottles of shampoo, hairspray, conditioner, etc all around. He'd knock over a display. I'd try to recover it and then CRASH! Something else would go down. And, then of course, I have Jecilyn trying to be the big sister and yelling at her brother and standing in his way which results in VERY LOUD VERY HIGH pitched screaming. So much fun!

As if I wasn't already embarrassed enough, there was an elderly lady with a thick German accident getting her hair colored. She said in one of those loud whispers that only drunks and old people do--you know the one I mean....Where they THINK they are whispering...but everyone with in a 30 ft radius can hear them--"Well, those children are completely out of control. She does not have control over them at all does she? What is wrong with her?" That was fun....really fun.

So, when Treavor started screaming, I was all too happy to shove a lollipop, or two or five in his mouth!!!! Here are some pictures of the hair cut!

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