Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Hills are Alive with...A Spoonful of Sugar?

Tonight, ABC aired The Sound of Music. Because Jecilyn and Treavor seem to enjoy music so much, Jeff and and I put it on for them. Jecilyn was a little upset at first, but once she heard the music she was hooked. As Julie Andrews danced across the screen, I asked her, "Do you know who that lady is?" At first, she said "No." Then...she watched for a few moments and said...."Oh! Yes! It's Mary Poppins. She is Mary Poppins from the movie." I tell you...this child NEVER ceases to amaze me with her perceptiveness! In Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews had long dark hair. In The Sound of Music, it's short and blonde. I'm not quite sure HOW Jecilyn made the connection...but she did. And, it seems we will be adding The Sound of Music to our collection of DVDs!

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