Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who Lives In A Pineapple Under the Sea?

SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS!!!! As Jecilyn will tell you, I do not like Sponge Bob Square Pants. Maybe it's just me...but I find it inappropriate. Sure, he's cute...but I find the humor too grown up for young children. Furthermore, I see too many sexual innuendos in the graphics...but maybe I'm just a whacko...(Ok, I am...but I'm not sure that THIS is what makes me one!)...Anyway, there is a point here....

My friend Scott (who we all call Daddy) was on a mission to find size 12 bikini panties for his grand daughter Danika. He enlisted my help. We searched all the local stores. We found exactly one pair that was a size 16. I bought those thinking...well, the worst that could happen is WEDGIE! Then, I found a package of women's size 5. I bought those just in case.

We scoured the internet...but to no avail. So, I got a little tricky. I bought some plain panties in her size, and some iron on transfer paper. I googgled "Sponge Bob" Images and downloaded some of the pictures I found. Of course, while I did this, Jecilyn was by my side going, "Mommy...what are you doing? You don't like Sponge Bob. You think he's gross. Why are you looking at him mommy? Can I watch Sponge Bob?..." Why can't she listen to EVERTHING I tell her!?!?!

So, I printed out the images and Scott and I ironed them on. They came out great. We just wish that we'd have had more plain white pairs. We did front pictures and back pictures on some. So cute!

I'm sure we violated some copyright laws....Oh well...then it shouldn't be so easy to do, right!!?!? The kid wanted them...and we couldn't find them! Resourcefullness counts for something! I hear she really liked them! And, No wedgies! Here are the pictures! To hear the theme song, click here.

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