Sunday, July 22, 2007

Breast is Best

I saw this sign the other day as I was driving up the highway. I'm not quite sure why it's there...but I think it's pretty cool. I am typing with one hand now as I hold a nursing Treavor with the other hand. In fact, most of my blogging is done in this very position. It's the only time that I ever really get a chance to sit down.

My mother was a big proponent of breastfeeding. She nursed both my brother and me at a time that it was not the popular choice. She spoke often about the nurse looking at her like she was nuts when she told them she wanted to breastfeed me. By the time Chris was born, it was a little more "acceptable" but not really. My mom attended La Leche Meetings. I would love to attend, but unfortunately, there are no meetings close to me. I do, however, see advice from them frequently online. Their website has loads of information. Here's the link: La Leche League.

Like my mom, I am also a big proponent of breastfeeding. It's good that it's widely accepted where I live (as evidenced by the sign!). It's sad that despite all the research proving the benefits of breastfeeding, there are still people who think breastfeeding is "gross" or "disgusting" or, my favorite, "un-natural!" There is a lot of controversy about nursing in public. There was a woman who was kicked off the plane for nursing her baby. Now, that just made me mad! I am not one of those moms that plans outings around feedings. I am a "feed on demand kind of mom." When the child cries, I whip out a boob and stick it in. I figure people would rather see me nurse in public than listen to my kid scream. Thankfully, I haven't encountered any negativity.

Once I was eating breakfast in a restaurant with Mom Mom Ginny. I was nursing Treavor and she had to leave for an appointment. I stayed behind to finish. I was sitting there and looked across the restaurant. There was a woman sitting there staring at me. I looked down to see if I was, "exposed." I wasn' I just went about my business. As I was leaving, I walked passed the woman. She stopped me. I thought, "Uh we go!" She said, "I saw you nursing your little boy over there. I think that's great! Good for you!" I was dumbfounded. I just said thank you and walked away.

I chose to breastfeed mainly because I was sure my mom would disown me if I hadn't. Once I began what has been nearly a three year continuous stint, I realized that mom wasn't all about what's best for the baby. She was lazy. As am I. I breastfeed now because it's conveinent. I don't have the time or the organizational skills to prepare the bottles, to wash the bottles, or to remember to purchase the formula. I cannot even imagine getting up in the middle of the night, walking downstairs and fixing a bottle. It's so much easier to get up, pick up baby, lift up shirt, and go back to sleep. That's my humble opinion!!!!

Here's a great post I read on breastfeeding. Click here to read it. Have a great day!

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