Sunday, July 29, 2007

Customer Service?

A few weeks ago, I posted a bit about the awesome customer service that I received at JC Penney's Portrait Studio. Today, I experienced "Customer Service at its Worst!" Comcast is my Internet Service Provider. It's been out for most of the last two days! Ugh! That sucked. I put in two calls and received good customer service each times. During a brief period of time where the server was up, I tried to use Comcast Rhapsody to download music. I was having trouble importing the track that I downloaded into Microsoft Movie Maker. Apparently the format was not supported by the program.

I called the number for technical support. There was a message stating that wait times could exceed 10 minutes. I saw that they had a "Live Chat," so I decided to hang up and try that. The first person that I got was "Kathy." She was NOT very helpful. She pretty much danced around my questions. Then, she disconnected. I tried again. I got a guy named James. He was a little more helpful...but not much. He, too, danced around my questions.

So, I decided I would try burning the track to a CD and then importing it back into my hard drive. I wasn't sure if it would work...but I was going to give it a shot. And, then another snag. I couldn't get it to burn. Having had two NOT so helpful chat sessions, I decided to call the number and deal with the wait time. I waited for 22 minutes. Finally someone answered my call. Apparently, I had forgotten to press one for English!!!!!! This guy was HORRIBLE! I could NOT understand him AT ALL. I ended up just hanging up the phone because I was tired of saying, "I'm sorry, could please repeat that?" Why is this guy even on the phone? Are you kidding me? Twenty-two minutes! And, you can't even help me because you can't speak English! I don't care how damn good you are with computers! If you can't speak English, you should not be working a Help Line!

This is so unlike me. I'm usually the one who gets annoyed when others rant like this. But, it just really pissed me off!

I finally resolved the issue....With another Live Chat with an awesome guy named Trevor. Of course, his name is probably really Sanjay. Who knows.

I'm off to bed. Apparently, I'm cranky and need some sleep.

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