Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sharing a little secret

I admit it. I'm a huge fan of America's Got Talent on NBC. I just think it's a great show. I got hooked last year when I saw Bianca Ryan's first performance. That little girl is just amazing. I had to watch the entire season just to see if she would win...And she did. Here is a clip of her first performance. I'm posting it because it absolutely blew me away...and the judges as well. As you watch it, keep in mind she was eleven years old!!!

Her winning performance was also amazing...You can link to that by clicking here. Just wow. That kid gives me goose bumps everytime I watch her perform.

This year I have a few favorites that have made it through to the semifinals. I think my favorite from this week is fourteen-year-old Julienne Irwin. Her first performance was great--but the one she gave this week...I don't know...there's just something about this kid!!! I hope to see her again in the finals. Here's her semifinal performance.

I liked several of the other acts too. Tune in to NBC and check it out!

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