Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yesterday morning we were stopped at a red light. My neighbor was in the lane next to us. We rolled down our windows and said "Hi!" and chatted a bit. When the light turned green, we went in different directions. Jecilyn asked, "Mommy, who was that man? What's his name?" I answered that he was a neighbor and that his name is Jeff. We then had the following exchange:

Me: Do you know anyone else with the name Jeff?
Jecilyn: Yes. My friend is Jeff.
Me: Yes honey, you have a friend named Jeff. Do you know anyone else whose name is Jeff?
Jecilyn: My daddy's name is Jeff.
Me: Yes, your daddy's name is Jeff. And, what does your daddy look like?
Jecilyn: (slight pause...and then...) TREAVOR.
Me: (fumbling for a response and trying not to swerve off the road because I am laughing so hard...) Umph....Yyyyeeeppp.
Jecilyn: No. No. I mean, Treavor wooks wike my daddy.
Me: Uhhhh huh....You're right....he does....

I'm trying to find some photos of Jeff and Treavor that illustrate that Jecilyn is correct...they will be posted soon....

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