Friday, July 13, 2007

Not so Fun Food Friday!

Don't freakin argue with me when I am right! Those are the words of the day. It's not much of a Fun Food Friday! It's more like a F$#@ing Food Friday. Since Treavor was just a few months old, I became convinced that he was allergic to milk. Everyone said I was nuts. Ok, not "everyone" but most of the medical professionals. They said it was unlikely. When he was about 8 months, I got it in my head that he had a wheat allergy--or maybe celiac disease. His pediatrician diagnosed him with "Failure to Thrive" which I thought was ridiculous...but I'm just a mom. What do I know?!?! The pediatrician drew some blood and referred me to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). At CHOP, Treavor was tested for Celiac Disease and the tests, thankfully, were negative.

When Treavor went in for his 12 month appointment last week, I mentioned the ER trip. I expressed concern that it was a food allergy--and was pretty sure it was eggs. Or, possibly peanuts or potatoes. (I thought perhaps the potatoes were cooked in peanut oil!) The doctor FINALLY ordered allergy testing....and guess what. Mom was right. He is allergic to PEANUT OIL, EGGS, MILK, WHEAT and BANANAS. The only thing I had not suspected was the bananas.

So, here I sit...feeling horrible that I subjected the poor little guy to all of those allergens for all this time. No wonder he's not on the growth chart! Poor kid was eating bananas and yogurt just about every day!

I'm not quite sure where we go from here. Why!?! Because although the doctor has had the results from his tests since Wednesday, he hasn't called me yet to tell me them. I happened to find out another way. WTF? My kid is allergic to his entire diet...and you can't pick up the phone and tell me!?!!? Needless to say, I'm more than a little angry!

I spent a lot of time at Good News Natural Foods today. They are wonderful there. They have a ton of wheat free things--breads, brownies, pasta, etc. On a positive note, Fun Food Friday is going to return and be extra creative!!! I'm not sure where I'll find the time, or frankly, the energy, but I guess I'll figure it out!

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