Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Be cool go to Rita's

On Sunday, I took Savannah and Dawn to Rita's. They were Rita's Virgins. All three of us had Gelatis. We had Coconut Cream Ice with Chocolate Custard. It was SOOOO YUMMY! Jecilyn and Treavor shared a Vanilla Custard.

We went to the Rita's in Dover. Every time I've ever been there (and, I go frequently!) the service has been outstanding. It's refreshing to receive service with a smile...especially from people who are so young. The young ladies there look to be in their teens or early twenties. They seem genuinely happy to be working. Of course, I think if I worked there, I'd be happy too!

Just down the street is the Philly Pretzel Factory. Also a great place! There will be more on that soon!

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