Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday!

This is a busy weekend for birthdays! Today is my Aunt Henny's Birthday. Henny was my mom's sister. I think she would have been 72. She passed away in 2004. Aunt Henny was the Original Drama Queen! She could turn the most mundane event into a 20 minute story that had you laughing and guessing. And, boy could she kick some ass in scrabble! I'm sure mom, Henny, and their sister Dolly have daily games "up there." Happy Birtdhday Aunt Hen!

Today is also Jecilyn friend Ben's birthday. He is 3. Jecilyn asks to play with him a lot. She wants to go to his house all of the time. Ben, lives in Paris (Lucky Ben!). His family moved just about a year ago. They've been back to visit quite often, and Jecilyn and Ben always have a great time playing together. Happy Birthday Ben! Come visit soon!

Tomorrow is my cousin Adrianna's 4th Birthday. Adrianna is Henny's granddaughter. Her mother, Josie, was due on June 15th. But, apparently she wanted HER OWN day....and waited until the 17th to arrive. We're headed up to Philadelphia for "Banna's" party today. Here's a picture of her on her birthday last year.

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Natalie said...

Ohh Aunt Henny...she was fun gal. Here's to Aunt Henny!!!!!!1